How do I prevent my phone and texts from making noise while I'm listening to my audio files?

Set your phone to "Do Not Disturb" mode to listen to audio files uninterrupted (this may also be known as "Mute" or "Silent" in your settings)

What should I do if I'm having trouble downloading the app?

SMSF requires access to certain functions of your phone to allow you to personalize the app. Make sure your privacy/security settings enable the See Me Smoke-Free app to make phone calls, record audio, and modify the contents of your SD card or internal storage. (See next item for why we need you to do this.)

Why do I need to allow SMSF to modify settings on my phone?

SMSF needs access to your SD card or internal storage to allow you to record your own guided imagery audio file. It needs to access your phone to put you in touch with your local quitline. These operations will not be done automatically, but only after you click on the action buttons for these functions. We do not collect any private data from your phone, nor do we share any of the data you provide with anyone.

What should I do if I'm having trouble hearing the audio files?

Adjust your phone 's volume (this may be different than the ringtone volume). This may be done using a button on your phone or in your settings.

How do I turn off the motivational and tips messages?

Go to your profile and uncheck the box at the bottom of the screen to opt out of the motivational messages. You will still receive important reminders from SMSF.

How do I get an award for meeting my goals?

Listen to your daily guided imagery audio file and answer the daily questions to get points for being smoke-free, eating well, and staying physically active. You'll receive a point for each activity.

- Blue Ribbon Award = 28 points in a week
- Yellow Ribbon Award= 14 or more points in a week

How can I keep from falling asleep while listening to the imagery files?

If possible, avoid scheduling these files for late in the day when you’re tired. Find a relaxing pose in a seated position, rather than lying down in your bed.

Can all Android phones use this app?

The See Me Smoke-Free app is optimized for Android operating systems 4.0 and up. Not all features will be available to users of Android phones running operating systems 1.0 through 3.2.6.

Why are my reminders arriving at the wrong time each day?

You may experience this issue if you change time zones or as a result of switching to/from Daylight Savings Time. Re-set your phone by turning it off and back on.

Why am I getting several reminders each day to listen to my audio files?

Your phone may need to be re-set if you are suddenly getting extra reminders to listen to your audio files. Turn your phone off and back on.

Why does my “Money Saved” calculation look incorrect?

The app’s counter might need to be re-set. Turn your phone off and back on.